The Association of Differently-Abled Persons (ADAP) Incorporated is an entity organized under the operation of the law in 1994, being a non-profit and non-governmental organization. In July of 1998 the association got its recognition from the Local Government Unit of the Davao City under the Executive Order No. 23 issued by then Hon. Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte. Furthermore, from thereon the ADAP.Inc., still working hand in hand with the City Government in closed coordination with the City Social Services & Development Office (CSSDO). It is in the directive from the Executive Order issued by the Chief Executive that the mentioned office is hereby mandated the provision of Secretariat Support to the Council known as City Council on Disability Affairs under the Chairmanship of the City Mayor.

       The ADAP. Inc., is an entity designed to serve and cater the needs of the Person’s With Disability (PWD) in the whole City of Davao. Further it concentrated more in the utilization of resources for the growth and welfare of its general membership and partners. The same the association educate and impart to the minds of the members the concept of self-reliance, self discipline, sustainable development, spiritual maturity and social justice.

Our Vision-Mission

  • The mission of the association is that to promote belongingness, commitment, self and or personality acceptance, successful dream and concept of achievement for progress and development of every member as well as the organization as a whole. It is also a duty to advocate the implementation of the equal protection of the law specifically the individual rights and privileges accorded for their advantage. The most desired aim and goal of every member is that the full participation and integration of the PWD’s in the mainstreams of the society. That will only be done upon the full implementation of the law made intended by the government for PWDs’.


Our Goals and Objectives

  • To promote developmental scheme program for every individual member and organized group of PWD who is willing to be a partner and supporter with the eagerness to abide with the rules and policy of the association for the welfare and growth of the association.
  • To provide and develop necessary technology and technique among its member in the field of respective specialization and choice of venture that appropriately fitted in their lifestyle and capacity.
  • The establishment of an institution that acknowledge, recognize and accredit every PWD member or organized group about their being survival in the civilization. Further treated them with equalization in all aspects of their existence that the same has the capacity, capability and competence.